International Day of Forests

International Day of Forests

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International Day of Forests it means international day of woods and plants but also of all the animals that live there or that in some way benefit from it. We humans included. It is celebrated on March 21 and it is done all over the world, both where there are forests to be saved and safeguarded, both where they are gone but they regret.

International Day of Forests: when

There day dedicated to trees, to forests and their essential link with everything that is alive on our planet is the March 21. It falls at a time when nature is awakening in our part, forests of all kinds are filled with life. They pop up new leaves and new flowers, to protect, grow, celebrate. The international day of forests was issued by the UN on purpose to remind us that trees and forests deserve our attention.

International Day of Forests: Goals

Its only goal is to remind us that forests exist: the international day of forests It was established to ensure that at least once a year we stop to think about the state in which we have reduced some woods and what we can do to ensure that others are not destroyed, eliminated, ruined. It's not over: the idea, ambitious but not utopian, is also to plan the creation of new forests.

All this for the love of the trees, of course, but also because by now we are all or almost fully aware that safeguarding greenery means protecting biodiversity at all levels, at the level of species, of genetic heritage, of ecosystems.

There international day of forests it has and must have consequences also in the fight against climate change because these areas rich in trees are real carbon sinks. If we add up the effects of forests existing today all over the world, we can say that they absorb nearly 300 billion tons of carbon dioxide every month.

It seems trivial and obvious but it should be emphasized, at least on the international day of forests. The presence of plants is one of the most logical moves to oppose the great problem of desertification also linked to hydrogeological instability to which Italy is not immune.

International Day of Forests: situation in Italy

We see luxuriant and green ones on the mountains and hills, but let's not delude ourselves: Italian forests they have their own problems just like the ones scattered around the rest of the world and it is good that during the international day of forests are told.

The greatest and most imminent danger for the woods and the tricolor green is climate change and its direct and indirect effects. In fact, there is a risk that withrising temperatures and variations in the quantity of precipitation, entire plant communities are upset, destroyed, disturbed.

Forest fires are also an Italian scourge and damage forests like those who live there, like those who live nearby, also polluting the air we breathe miles away.

International day of forests: situation in the world

The Italian situation is neither worse nor better than many others, it depends both on the starting point and on the nature of the land we are going to evaluate. You cannot compete in forests, between countries, it is good to come together to protect them all. This is what animals and plants would advise us to do, given that 80 percent of existing species live in forests, forests that still suffer today. According to UN data, 13 million hectares are destroyed every year, this speed of deforestation contributes to climate change by being responsible for at least 12% of the greenhouse gas emissions that are among their causes.

During the Climate Summit of 2014 over 130 governments at the UN summit in New York agreed to halve deforestation by 2020. By 2030, a definitive stop is even aimed, but in the immediate future, 3 years after the first step, what is happening? We need to ask ourselves, at least in the international day of forests.

International day of forests: what to do

If we don't live in a forest, let's not feel exempt from celebrate the international day of forests. What we buy, as ingredients and as packaging, what we use to move around, what we throw away: everything is inherent in the health of the forests and the creatures that live there. In March 21, therefore, let's try to think concretely about how to save the green, also looking at the awareness-raising initiatives that green associations propose locally and internationally.

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