Air conditioner energy label

Air conditioner energy label

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Air conditioner energy label: we are talking about energy classes of air conditioners and air conditioners. Consumption and instructions for interpreting the indices reported on the energy label.

Air conditioners and air conditioners, these terms refer to a single appliance. There are two types of air conditioners on the market that have two different energy labels.

Air conditioners and conditioners

L'energy label obligationit is related only to air conditionersAir - Air, that is, to those appliances that heat or cool the environment using electricity. There are notobligationsfor air conditioners and air conditioners that use heat transfer fluids to transfer thermal energy.

There are two energy labels, one for thefixed split air conditioner and one for monobloc air conditioners. Let's clarify the difference between these two devices immediately.

Monobloc air conditioners

They consist of a device installed throughout the house. These are air conditioners without an external unit. They can be portable or stationary. As for the energy label, consumption and energy class ofmonobloc air conditioners, we refer you to the dedicated page:Portable air conditioners energy label.

Fixed split air conditioner

These are classic air conditioners that have one or more indoor units, fixed to the wall, and an outdoor unit. Also in this case, in reality, they can be fixed or portable but in Italian homes we find above all air conditioners fixed to the walls.

Split air conditioner energy label

Here too we can distinguish between twoenergy labels. When the air conditioner is equipped with heat pump, in fact, the energy label is more detailed and has two boxes, one on the right and one on the left. The left panel is found on all the energy labels of the air conditioners, so let's start from these.

The left side is dedicated to the cooling function. When we are faced with aheat pump air conditioner, there will be two boxes to read. When the air conditioner is not a heat pump, the entire label will show you only this information.

In the first sector at the top, just below the energy efficiency class, some codes are indicated that indicate:

  • The rated power for cooling expressed in kW
  • The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Index in cooling mode, indicated with the initials SEER
  • The annual energy consumption expressed in kWh per year.

In the two pictograms below you can have information onnoiseof the appliance. In fact, the noise levels of the internal split and the sound emission levels of the external unit of the appliance are indicated.

The box just described is indicated by a blue fan, preceded by the initials SEER.

Heat pump air conditioner energy label

In theheat pump air conditioners, a 'energy labelfor the efficiency ofheating. The box on the left, dedicated to the functionheat pump, is indicated with a red fan preceded by the abbreviation SCOP.

Here too, the first thing we read is theenergy ratingof the appliance. The energy performance of a device depends on the climatic region in which it is installed. For this reason, on the label there is a map of Europe stylized in three different colors. Whoever installs aheat pump air conditionerin Northern Italy, it will have to read the consumption in kW, the SCOP data and annual consumption, indicated in green. Those who live in Southern Italy or on the islands can trust the pink color.

Aheat pump air conditionerwhich for heating is in class A +++ in southern Italy, in northern Italy it may have a consumption class A ++. The same air conditioner, in Northern European countries, will have a class A + or even A. This makes us understand that heating the house with a heat pump air conditioner is cheaper in the South.

With the energy class we find other information such as:

  • Rated power of the air conditioner expressed in kilowatts.
  • Seasonal Coefficient of Performance, SCOP. It is the equivalent of the SEER. If the SEER refers to cooling, the abbreviation SCOP refers to heating.
  • Annual energy consumption per heating season, kWh / year.

Household appliances energy labels

On the subject ofenergy labels of household applianceswe point out the cards and instructions to understand the consumption and characteristics of various electrical appliances.

  • Vacuum cleaner energy label
  • Refrigerator energy label
  • Oven energy label
  • Washing machine energy label
  • TV energy label
  • Dishwasher energy label
  • Extractor hoods energy label

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