Bouquet of flowers: how to choose it

Bouquet of flowers: how to choose it

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Bouquet, to give or to treat yourself, the important thing is that it is composed in such a way that it communicates a positive feeling. It is also suitable for those who receive it. If today we often tend to use words and that's it, maybe just type on a touch screen and send via chat, the bouquet of flowers is even more important and choosing it that fits perfectly is now an art that few know. Here are some tips to become an expert or, at least, to avoid gaffes.

Sincenineteenth century the bouquet of flowers is a reliable and infallible messenger to declare one's love, but also one's affection for the mother or for a friend, the own gratitude to anyone who has done us a favor or invited us to dinner. Currently the rigid canons and schemes that once was impossible to overstep are worthless but it is always good to understand if there are flowers not to be given as gifts or which can be misunderstood.

Bouquet of flowers: birthday

For a friend's birthday, or even hers name-day, a bouquet of flowers is a great start to celebrate. The colors can be mixed as desired or, if we know that the birthday girl has a favorite color, we can focus on that and give her a dedicated, single-color bouquet of flowers. For example all yellow or all blue flowers. Alternatively or when in doubt, it is better to aim for a rich and lively bouquet of wildflowers that bring joy and do not give too much the impression of wanting to overdo it. They are friendly and joyful.

Bouquet of flowers for a friend

Do we want to thank a friend for listening to us as we despaired on a sad day? Or why did he introduce us to our current boss? Or is it simply because she is our friend?

We choose bouquet of flowers of delicate and light colors. Little roses or pink tulips. However, if the friend has graduated or has just reached an important milestone and you need to celebrate, better bright colors and more decisive flowers like gerberas. Or the giant daisies or sunflowers.

When it comes to a friend, flowers that are not too fragile and bright colors such as red, yellow and orange are usually more welcome. Let's avoid the roses and focus on tulips, anthuriums and sterlitias.

Bouquet of flowers for anniversary

First of all not let's forget the anniversary, and to help us there is a very "clever" service in some Italian cities, even for the forgetful. Is called Bloparmi and online you will find how it works and why it is needed. That said, anniversary bouquets need to be large and delicate, and above all dedicated.

This is not a first release, so we should know the tastes of those who receive it, let's rely on those because in spite of the Etiquette and the language of flowers, the best gift is the personalized one. For emergencies, flowers that are almost universally appreciated are flowers: pink or white roses, forget-me-not, pink peonies, violets or lilacs.

Special bouquet of flowers

Do we want to surprise for Father's Day? Any bouquet will be successful, especially if composed of flowers with strong colors and robust air. For Mother's Day, in addition to the classic roses that are always at the top in the month of May, we can think of a bouquet of tulips flowers. Or we focus on an orchid, also perfect for grandparents or friends.

Bunch of sunflowers flowers

A bouquet of sunflowers is a special gift, not appreciated by everyone. It is a simple flower with a beauty full of meanings, it should be given to those who are able to understand and love them. It's a nice idea also to give sunflowers to cultivate.

Bouquet of flowers cost

Being modular, the bouquets of flowers have very variable prices. It also depends a lot on the season. You can also find fake ones online, and huge ones, like this one of 12 artificial 70 cm dahlias which costs 68.32 euros.

Dreaming of a yellow bouquet of flowers

In general, dreaming of colored flowers is interesting because it reveals something we keep hidden, about us and our personality. THE yellow flowers are a sign of jealousy, maybe we don't want to admit. Each color is linked to a feeling, red to passion, for example. But there are also flowers that, if dreamed, have a particular meaning.

Those of pumpkin and courgette they are a sign of clumsiness, those of peach are a sign of happiness. The lotus flower in a dream indicates purity and eloquence, the violets instead shyness and modesty. Daisies are the symbol of simplicity, orchids of eroticism and the chrysanthemum of nostalgia and memories.

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