Electric water heater, energy class

Electric water heater, energy class

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Electric water heater, energy class, consumption and types. Tips for saving energy with the electric water heater.

When it comes toelectric water heaterreference is made to a large number of devices, all with one characteristic: they use electricity to produce domestic hot water.

Types of electric water heater

On the market you can find different types ofelectric water heaters, in particular, there are 5 different onesenergy labelswhich describe the characteristics of 5 types of water heaters. In particular we have:

  • Conventional water heater
  • Heat pump water heater
  • Hot water tank
  • Solar powered electric water heater
  • Sets of water heaters and solar powered devices

On this page we will analyze the energy label of various electric water heaters.

Electric water heater, energy label

The energy label or energy label provides us with a lot of information about the product we have purchased or are about to buy. L'energy labelof electric water heatersit is among the youngest introduced. Theelectric water heaters, in fact, they see the obligation toenergy labelonly from September 2015. Let's see how to read this energy label based on the type of electric water heater we are facing.

Heat pump water heater energy label

Since September 2017, the energy classes have gone from A + to G. Up to this date, for Italian buyers, it has not been possible to find on the marketelectric water heaters of energy class A +.

The first line ofenergy labelindicates the manufacturer name and the product code or product name.

The second information provided byenergy labelis the capacity in liters of the water heater, immediately followed by the pictogram indicating theenergy efficiency class. The capacity in liters is expressed by a letter ranging from XXXS to XXL for water heaters capable of providing the greatest load of hot water.

In the lower part of theenergy labelthere is no shortage of pictograms that indicate the performance of the product. In detail:

  1. Noise level, sound power level emitted indoors (if installed indoors)
  2. Noise, power level are emitted in the external environment. In any case, the sound emission levels are expressed in dB.
  3. Annual energy consumption expressed in kWh.
  4. In the most recent models there is the symbol of a watch flanked by coins. This symbol represents the savings potential for heat pump water heaters that are able to operate during the hours of less use.
  5. Map of Europe showing three areas indicative of solar radiation (mild, colder and warmer climatic conditions).

Compared towater heaters with heat pump, conventional electric water heaters have aenergy labeleasier. The upper part ofenergy labelis in common. What changes are the lower pictograms. A geographical map is missing because it is associated with the functionheat pump. There is no possibility of installing the system outside, so the noise levels (always expressed in decibels) are indicated for interiors. Electricity consumption is always expressed in kWh / year and also here the pictogram with clock and coins could be present to indicate that theelectric water heaterit can work in those time slots in which energy costs less, realizing further savings.

Solar energy boiler, energy label

Thewater heater, also commonly called a water heater or boiler, it can be integrated into a solar energy system. Based on the type of integration we have two energy labels. The first is easier to interpret.

In thesolar powered water heater, L'energy labelsees the return of a pictogram with a geographical map and annual consumption based on the climatic region and the type of solar radiation.

In theenergy labelofset of water heaters and solar devicesthe energy label sees two different onesenergy efficiency classes. The first class refers to the electrical appliance (the boiler itself). In the second column, the energy class refers to the set of water heater and solar device. In this context, it is not uncommon to find an energy efficiency class A for the water heater and A +++ for the whole "boiler + solar collectors". L'energy labelit also indicates whether a solar collector and a hot water tank can be included in the set of water heaters and solar devices.

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