I entrust dogs: separation

I entrust dogs: separation

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I entrust dogs, that are abandoned or seized, or guide dogs. Police dog foster care can also be requested, from time to time you are faced with different processes that are good to know. Before that, I recommend that you inquire about any necessary requirements to get a dog foster care, especially if it comes to animals that have a difficult life behind them.

I entrust dogs in separation

Seems like one of the last things to think about when a couple separates, who the dog should be with, and instead it turned out to be the cause of various disputes, so much so that in 2012 title XIV-bis was specifically introduced to the civil code containing provisions on pets and art. 455 entitled "Custody of animals in the event of separation of spouses" is what is valid today. This is already significant, but even more so is the content.

In simple terms, when two spouses separate, the dog does not follow the rules concerning "objects", also because it is not an object! To understand who he should be with, it doesn't even matter who the official holder is, the animal is indeed perceived as a fully-fledged living being inserted in the family unit. We then proceed with listening to the spouses, any children and, if necessary, also some experts to get to the decision that creates less discomfort. To the dog to all members of the family.

The text of the law says that "the court, in the absence of an agreement between the parties, regardless of the regime of separation or community of property and from what is shown in the animal's personal documents, after consulting the spouses, cohabitants and offspring, and acquired, if necessary, the opinion of the experts on animal behavior attributes their exclusive or shared custody to the party able to guarantee them the best accommodation inherent to the protection of animals ".

I entrust seized dogs

Also seized dogs have the possibility of being placed in foster care but it is clear that it is not a process to be taken lightly. They often have traumatic experiences behind them and, in addition to having a great need for affection, they must also have a new master who knows how to manage their at least initial difficulties in trusting a human.

For theI entrust seized dogs therefore we need patient and sensitive people, better if not the first experience with a four-legged.

Before receiving I am fostering a puppy dog that has been kidnapped, we have to wait to give way to those who are dealing with him to make the appropriate visits, to deworm him and to wait what little is needed to understand if he is able to be introduced into a new family.

For look for a dog of this type you can consult the site of the forest ranger where the name of the dogs is also indicated, as well as age and breed, then a request for custody for a specific puppy must be sent.

The process, as imaginable, provides checks and bureaucratic times, but once you have obtained theI entrust the kidnapped dog, the adventure begins. Remember to treat it with affection and respect, it will not be possible to sell it to others and we must be available for any post-custody checks.

I entrust purebred dogs

It is not very common forI entrust purebred dogs, they are usually purchased for a fee, even for quite high amounts. It depends on the type of breed and also on the pedigree of the single specimen, but it may happen that there is the possibility of adopt purebred animals looking for master.

Abandoned dogs or that i owners they have not been able to sell and cannot keep, dogs that for one reason or another a family can no longer keep with them and that, even if purebred, they want to give to other loving owners as long as they treat them well.

The technical procedures and health checks are obviously identical to those of the other cases of dog custody, in case they are purebred, let's remember to also get the pedigree that certifies that it is.

I entrust guide dogs

In the case of guide dogs, fostering dogs is a way to help those who raise and train them to ensure that those in need can use it. A very committed reality in this area is that of Lions performing a service guide dogs recognized as a non-profit organization by decree of the President of the Italian Republic since 1986.

It is about training and delivering guide dogs to the blind throughout the national territory for free, the center of training is in Limbiate and it is possible to make donations so that this valuable service continues.

I entrust stray dogs

Take gods with you stray dogs it is not always recommended, or at least, it must be done in a correct and prudent way so that this decision does not harm us and the dog itself. We must first ask ourselves if we can keep and care for it for months and years: saving a dog from the street can come spontaneously, it is tenderness, but then it must be educated, cleaned, trained.

It is not a toy, it is also a commitment to emotional and economic level. It is also useful to understand if the dog is sick, if he needs treatment or vaccinations and For example, a XXL stray in a studio apartment is not the case, for our sake and also for his. environment in which we live.

I entrust police dogs

But what if I'm a policeman? We will be wondering. They are, they have been, but when they retire where do they go? It is possible to take them in foster care. Often it is the conductor himself who takes them with him, the person who for years has shared works and days with them, but it is not obvious. Not all conductors have spaces to keep a dog at home and that is why the police dog foster service was born.

On the site of the Police, special section, the cards of the dogs ready for fostering appear each time. We can apply as a body, association or private citizen, the important is not being at the first experience and feeling ready to welcome a dog that already has many years and many adventures behind.

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