Japanese flying squirrel

Japanese flying squirrel

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Flying squirrel, which does not take off but almost, and there are various species even if the best known is that of Japan, present in large quantities in this land and therefore not considered for now at risk of extinction. We can meet the flying squirrel in the boreal evergreen forests, also, where it builds nests with moss and lichen, positioning itself where the branches meet. Among the trees it prefers pine or spruce.

Japanese flying squirrel

Its scientific name is Pteromys momonga Temminck and is an endemic species of Japan, it measures between 12 and 23 cm but we must add to this length, that of the tail that can also be 10-12 cm. It is not known how much a Japanese flying squirrel weighs, we estimate that it must "fly" so it will certainly not be massive and in general there are no great differences between female specimens.

The coat of this animal it can be silver gray but also of a more "dull" color, on the back, while on the belly the hair is lighter, tending to white, all colors that allow it to blend in with the bark of the trees of the forests in which it lives. The patagio it reaches up to the ankles, from the wrists, but the two hind legs are not connected and neither is the tail.

Siberian flying squirrel

If the Japanese is “confined to islands of Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu, another flying squirrel, the Siberian, installed himself in Hokkaido, we can also hear it called by the most experts Pteromys volans. Its size is reduced compared to that of its flying cousins, it has a body that recalls the structure of the Eurasian red squirrel, with the body about as long as that of the Japanese, or a little less, but with a thing of 9-14 cm.

The flying squirrel weight Siberian is estimated to be around 100-150 grams, but it can also reach 170 grams. Its head is small and rounded, as well as the ears, while ad attract attention are undoubtedly the eyes: large and black, and particularly round. They are important not only from an aesthetic point of view because they allow the animal to see at night.

Short and stocky legs they are not for athletes but very agile, all 4 feet have particularly strong nails and compared to the Japanese, iThe Siberian does not have the wing membrane that joins the front legs to the base of the tail.

The coat color is silver gray or ash gray, but the belly, neck and inner face of the limbs are white, the tail can take on various shades, even tending to reddish, and then there are small mustaches, 6 cm long maximum, and always black.

Domestic flying squirrel

The domestic flying squirrel it's not very domestic. Not only due to the fact that he loves living in forests and being in trees or greenery, but also because he is particularly active at night. So let him spend as he wishes, a lot of time in the trees, also avoiding him disturbing sleep.

In the forest it can also find food for: walnuts, pine nuts, buds and bark, but also fruit and some small insects. When they are born naked and not independent, the mother has to take care of them for about six weeks and then wean them while the male does not care right away.

Asian flying squirrel

The term "Asian" is very general, it indicates the group of flying squirrels in which various species are distinguished. They are all mammals but belong to different taxonomic groupings and are characterized by the presence of this membrane which makes them, in fact, similar to super heroes with the mantle. When explained, it allows the hovering or gliding.

Flying squirrel: price

Not being an animal suitable for domestic life, it is rather useless to know the price of the flying squirrel, if it were ever for sale. Better to settle and have fun with a one-piece men's flying squirrel pajamas, at 48 euros on Amazon, and admire the photos of the real one, letting him live where he wants.

Flying squirrel photo

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