How to organize a buffet

How to organize a buffet

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How to organize a buffet at home or in the garden: instructions for organizing the perfect reception with a buffet corner that will satisfy everyone, even your wallet.

In recent years we have put aside the rules of etiquette and for any celebration we have left home to go to the restaurant or even to pubs, bars and various clubs.

There is nothing wrong with celebrating outside the home, however, for a birthday but also to celebrate a baptism, a communion or a wedding, if the home environment is suitable, the best choiceclassicalthey are the home walls. On this page we will seehow to organize a perfect buffet at hometo celebrate a birthday, a baptism or any other eventuality.

How to organize a buffet at home

Take stock of the situation first. You need to calculate:

  • How many tables you can have
  • How many guests do you have to welcome

Based on the space available and the number of tables, you can create specific areas. For example, if there is space available for three buffet tables, you can set up three themed areas:

  • The buvette corner (soft drinks, alcoholic drinks and snack bars)
  • The table for the dishes
  • The table dedicated to sweets and coffee (coffee, tea, chocolate ...)

In addition to tables to accommodate drinks and food, you will have to consider some support points for used plates and glasses. These support points must be cleared often in order to keep yoursbuffetalways well ordered.

How to serve your buffet menu

The menu of a buffetmust consider comfort a lot: your guests have to serve themselves and therefore you will have to put them in a position to do it in the best way.

In this context, finger food snacks make life easier for everyone (except for you who will have to prepare them: p). You can make recipes with skewers, finger food and mini portions to be served on spoons, small glasses or special porcelain.

What do you need? Of a mega set for an aperitif.
If on Amazon (or google images) you try to type "Aperitif Set" you will notice a large number of porcelain options. Surely it is a solution with a high aesthetic impact but very difficult to manage for several reasons: the cost, the size, the number (if you are organizing abuffet for 30 or 50 peopleit is impossible to set up a buffet with single-portion porcelains!) and replacements (they should be constantly washed and replaced).

The ideal solution falls on disposable trays and sets for aperitifs. Considering that plastic is not a pretty sight (and is also bad for the environment), it is possible to find a compromise between porcelain (expensive and difficult) and plastic (a little sad). The middle way is bamboo.

More and more often there are trays, cones, boats and other forms of single-serving containers made of bamboo. It is good to organize yourself with the single portions already placed on the buffet tables because the kitchen must be left free in order to complete the next dishes before bringing them to the table.

As for these bamboo accessories, they are now found almost everywhere. Check in your trusted store or take advantage of the online purchase (make the necessary price evaluation!). To understand what expense you will meet, I would like to point out:

  • Pack of 100 bamboo cones, Amazon price 14.02 euros with free shipping.
  • Pack of 100 bamboo boats, Amazon price € 9.90 with free shipping.

You can find them in all sizes, there is no shortage of backsplashes and trays, skewers and much more. If you really don't like bamboo ... for the sake of the planet, try considering biodegradable plastic as wellorganize a buffetas sustainable as possible.

Buffet menu

For the choice ofmenu for the buffet, avoid servingfood puzzlenot coordinated with each other! Follow a common thread. Calculate that alone you can prepare food for up to 20 - 30 people. If you have more guests (40 or 50 people) consider getting help from a catering company or at least a home cook.

Don't forget:

  • Allocate seats to diners if it is a seated buffet.
  • Arrange benches, chairs, and stools if it's a freer buffet, with no tables and seating.
  • Consider moving some furniture from the living area.
  • In the case of an outdoor buffet, consider the weather well!
  • With the buffet in the garden or a country house, you cannot miss a floral centerpiece or a menu that includes a tasting of flowers.
  • For dessert, rely on small pastries or mini cakes!

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