SEU qualification: it's worth it!

SEU qualification: it's worth it!

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SEU qualification, let's find out what's changing into these months of 2017 and if the news concern us. It is a topic on which it is good to stay up to date.

SEU qualification: what it is

SEU stands for Efficient User Systems, is an acronym that often appears next to SEESEU which stands for Existing Systems Equivalent to Efficient User Systems. These are two types of S.Simple production and consumption systems and they are a set of elements of various types.

There is therefore a device consisting of electrical systems, connected directly or indirectly to the public network, within which the transport of electricity for delivery to the consumption units that constitute them is not configured as a transmission and / or distribution activity. , but as an activity of self-supply of energy.

THE SEU systems must include at least one production plant and one consumption unit that are directly connected to each other, with a private connection. There is no obligation to connect to third parties. They must also be connected to the public network, directly or indirectly, through at least one connection point.

Understanding what the so called systems are, let's see what the SEU qualification. It is a certification issued by the GSE and which officially documents that a certain system is entitled to discounted tariff conditions on the electricity consumed and not taken from the grid, limited to the variable parts of the general system charges. This is what the Legislative Decree n. 115/08 and article 25-bis of law decree no. 91/14 converted with law n. 116/14.

New 2017 SEU qualification

With the Milleproroghe (law decree no. 244/2016), the SEU qualification it has changed its function and has somehow lost importance. The changes, albeit small, made by the new decree, are fundamental, both as regards the systems Simple Production and Consumption, both for Closed Distribution Systems.

From the first January 2017 there is no difference between the different types, from the point of view of the application of the tariff components to cover the general system charges. Now, therefore, only the electricity taken from the network provides for tariffs for general charges.

It goes without saying, therefore, that the GSE, who ran the SEU qualification, following this decision, it decided to suspend the operation of its portal with which it collected the requests for SEU or SEESEU qualification. It is no longer necessary, in the case of new configurations, to request qualifications. There are no more tariff benefits.

The objective of the change envisaged in milleproroghe would be to "track down" those customers to whom a consumption unit is attributed but who are in fact lacking its own connection point on the public network or on a private network because they actually share a POD with other end customers.

SEU and GSE qualification

Who has followed these steps related to SEU qualification I will have noticed that from 1 May 2017 the functions of the IT portal were suspended for sending requests for SEU qualification as that of SEESEU.

As is always the case, these phases of passage must be managed by providing for all "intermediate" situations. Therefore, in the case of qualification requests submitted in 2017, the applicant can renounce them by May 31, 2017 communicating it with a registered letter or via PEC and indicating the subject of the communication the identification code of the ASSPC and the reference code of the qualification request to which you want to renounce.

They are taken into consideration the qualification requests received up to 31 December 2016 and those presented in 2017 for which the applicant has not expressed an express renunciation.

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