Low maintenance lawn

Low maintenance lawn

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Low maintenance lawn: which seeds to choose to get ameadowthat requireslittle care, which grows little and is resistant to drought.

The amount ofcaredemands from a turf is not a negligible factor. In summer, a fast-growing lawn requires frequent interventions and needs more irrigation. Conversely, alow maintenance lawnhas less need.

What are the characteristics to look for in a low maintenance lawn?

  • It must have a root system that allows grassing, good stability and resistance to trampling.
  • It must withstand drought so as not to force the user to install automatic irrigation systems or perform frequent manual irrigation.
  • Be adaptable to different exposures (shade, sun, partial shade ...).
  • Present a slow growth.

Low maintenance lawn mix of six

A good blend for lawn with little care, which includes the aforementioned characteristics, is the “Maciste meadow extra-strong”.

Let's talk about a seed mixture for low maintenance lawn, therefore very resistant to drought, trampling and modest growth.

The mixture in question is given precisely by seeds of the strongest botanical species which are generally not used in classical applications.

Specifically, the composition of seeds reported is given for 80% by Festuca Arundinacea, 10% by Loietto, 10% by Poa Pratese, even more resistant than the much acclaimed Agrostide.

The mixture is suitable for creating large green areas (with a 5 kg bag you can cover up to 100 square meters). The color of the lawn is intense green, a little darker than the classic light green lawn. On Amazon, the 5 kg package can be bought at a price of 52.30 euros with free shipping costs.

For all the information, I refer you to the official Amazon page: Maciste prato extra-forte.

If you don't intend to purchase this blend of seedsand you prefer to go personally to a garden center, I recommend choosing mixes of seeds that are really more resistant. Often, traders (but also the producers themselves) offer more resistant blends than the classic ones but which, however, do not meet all the characteristics of ameadowwho needslittle care.

The advice is always the same: read up before purchasing! Make sure that the mixture of seeds has the same characteristics as the one I reported earlier, or that it has seeds similar to these in the list:

  • Perennial litter
  • Lolium italicum
  • Festuca rubra
  • Festuca arundinacea
  • Onobrychis viciifolia
  • Vicia sativa
  • Poa pratensis

Before proceeding with planting, make sure the soil is ready to accommodate the low maintenance turf, the soil must be light and crumbly so as to allow the seeds to germinate.

Who needs alawn with little care, might also find the mixtures of seeds for flowering lawn interesting. For all informationsowing of the flowery meadow.

Low maintenance lawn rolls or sods

Who wants aimmediate effect, with a lawn ready for use, can choose rolls and clods ready to be planted. It is true that the effect is immediate but the preparation still requires precautions.

It is necessary to carefully prepare the bottom and carefully install the sod or the rolls of lawn so as to give continuity to the root systems of the "turf in rolls" and the underlying soil.

If you buy alow maintenance lawnin rolls, get certified for the mixture of seeds used and make sure that the package includes the materials for installation. Many companies offer the installation of the lawn in rolls, make your assessments based on the quote they offer you.

In any case, know that serious companies offer the opportunity to check the state of the lawn after one year of installation, so as to agree on the free replacement of those that are the clods that have not withstood the stress.

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