Variety of geraniums

Variety of geraniums

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Variety of geraniums: how many types of geraniums exist and which are the most beautiful varieties. From geraniums for pots to those to grow in the ground. Tips and variety.

THEgeraniumsare considered theflagof the summer. They color the balconies from spring to autumn. Yes, depending on the variety, there are geraniums that bloom longer.

For all the advice on cultivation we refer to the page:how to cure geraniums.

Pelargonium geraniums

THEgeraniumsbelong to the genuspelargoniumand many call thempelargonium.

They love the sun, heat and soft, draining soils. They need a substrate with organic matter and give beautiful flowers. Existdrooping geraniums, with red, white or even mottled flowers. Here are how manytypes of geraniumsthevarietymore beautiful according to your needs.

Types of geraniums

THEhanging Parisian geraniumsthey are perfect to grow for railing boxes, ready to color the entire length of your balcony. The zonal geraniums are generally chosen for pots on the ground while the decombing ivy for the windowsills. Yes, there are severaltypes of geraniumsand a large number ofvarietydifferent. We will make a first division into three main categories and then point out some of thevariety of geraniummost beautiful.

Zonal geraniums, varieties

In the group ofzonal geraniumsthere are several varieties with particular flowers. Very specific varieties ofzonal geraniumsthey are not easy to find in garden centers, but if you can, try themvarietyof thegeraniumAngel.

ThevarietyAngel, they belong to the group of godszonal geraniumsbut they have their own characteristics that make them of great impact. They have rich vegetation and abundant flowering that begins in spring and continues throughout the summer.

Pelargonium Angel Blueberry has small colorful flowers that develop in a dense and superimposed way. The flowers range from white to very dark red.

Macranta geraniums or imperial geraniums

The speciesPelargonium macranthum or Pelargonium grandiflorumthey see remontant varieties just like the zonal ones but with unprecedented colors for the other species and above all they have large and showy flowers.

Anyone looking for a plant ofgeraniumcome onlarge flowerswill have to point to the groupMacranta.

They bloom from April to June and flowering will go on more sporadically until the end of summer. They grow fast and can be grown to form large bushes.

They are cold resistant so you cangrow in the garden, in the open ground.

Betweenvarietyto cultivate we point out the P. Bermuda Dark with close-together funnel-shaped flowers and the Peach Cloud, with flowers that look like apink cloud.

With the term "new geranium”Refers to the hybrid group“ Candy Flowers ”by de gerani macranta. These geraniums produce pink flowers.

Botanical geraniums, variety

Who has abalcony in partial shadeand does not want to give upcultivation of geraniums, can try some varieties of the group ofbotanical geraniums.

In this group there are very particular plants, such as Pelargonium Manx Maid and Pelargonium Orange Frizz.

Pelargonium Manx Maid grows well in the sun but also inhalf shade. It must be wet in moderation. Its peculiarity is represented by the unusual color of the flower: this geranium has flowers with two upper petals "plum" (dark purple) and two lower petals lighter (or even two-colored, white and fuchsia, white and bright pink ...).

Betweenvariety of fragrant leaf geraniumswe point out the Pelargonium Orange Frizz. It has small, mauve flowers. The fragrant geranium leaves give off a fruity orange aroma.

Variety of geraniums

For the purchase of developed plants, it is always advisable to contact a specialized nurseryman who can provide you with certified varieties. Some of the geraniums described are available on Amazon in seed form. To see photos of geraniums and get info on their characteristics, I refer you to the official Amazon page:pelargonium seeds.

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