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Earth pigs, all the info

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Theearth pigdoes not bringdamageto the plant or the root system, indeed, it is a "crustacean" useful for the vegetable garden. Despite this premise, I will explain how to eliminate it but also what are the benefits it brings to the garden or to your potted plants so you can make a more thoughtful choice. One recommendation: ban chemical pesticides!

The land pigs represent an example of crustaceans that have managed to colonize the terrestrial environment.

The earth pigprotects the plants and improves the soil structure but, despite this, it can be annoying for those who cannot tolerate the presence of "crustaceans " close to home. In fact theearth pigit doesn't look good. All those paws ... then in the garden you can find them of all sizes, from the smallest to huge earth pigs! Wait, I'll explain what animal we're talking about.

Earth pig aka Armadillidium vulgare

Theearth pig, scientific name Armadillidium vulgare, is acrustacean.Yep, theearth pigit is not an insect because it is part of the order of the Isopoda (subphylum Crustacea). Although many persist in calling himinsect, L'Armadillidium vulgareit has more in common with some crustaceans than with classic plant insects.

Armadillidium vulgare has several common names:Saint Anthony's pig, onisco, pirigungia, caramattino ... It plays an important role in the soil and as I have already told you, it does notdamageof any kind to the plant!

THElittle pigs of Saint Anthony they are easily found in pots or in less sunny areas of the garden. They find theirsnatural habitat in moist soil.

They do not like to come out of the ground, so if you have seen any on the branches of your plant (as shown in the photo below) or at the foot of the pot ... it means that their shelter has dried up and for this they have come out into the open for find a new settlement.

They need a lot of humidity, they do not tolerate the sun and for this reason they hide under the ground, under stones or settled under a very humid or rotting bark.

Sant’Antonio pigs, beneficial for plants

You should noteliminate the guinea pigsbecause these can be a real resource for your plants and for the vegetable garden.

Although many describe them asparasites, know that they are harmless to humans and vegetation, indeed: they protect plants from scale insects and demolish organic matter making thericher soil.They improve the terrain both from a qualitative and structural point of view.

They can grow to a maximum length of 18mm and feed on all things decaying organic matter. They can be considered as biological scavengers! They moult and… in the end they also eat their own integument. They return to the ground, in the form of humus, all the organic debris they ingest.

In the photo above you will notice aSaint Anthony's pigwhich is preparing to hide under the roots of my ash bonsai. To get it out in the open, I had to shake the ground a lot.

Earth pigs, how to eliminate them

If I still haven't convinced you and you are determined to eliminate thelittle pigs of Saint Anthony, know that you should use natural remedies.

Otherwise, you would be forced to administer massive doses of pesticides to the substrate of your plant, risking damaging the health of the potted plant or the entire garden.

In the second photo, you will notice godsearth pigson the branch of my ash tree bonsai. In a situationnormal, the earth pigs would never come out of the ground. They went out because meI forced my handcausing soil asphyxiation and dehydration. Let's continue step by step and see how to eliminate the land pigs.

Potted earth pigs

If it is the right period, it is better to eliminate the earthen pigs mechanically, by repotting, cleaning the roots and eliminating the entire soil. You will have to replace the soil "contaminated" bylittle pigs of Saint Anthonywith virgin land.

If it is not repotting period or you want eliminate the Saint Anthony pigs from the garden, I invite you to read the page: little pigs, how to eliminate them.

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