Earth pigs, how to eliminate them

Earth pigs, how to eliminate them

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Earth pigs, how to eliminate them: how to remove Saint Anthony's pigs from the garden or from the pots on the balcony. Tips, natural remedies and do it yourself.

In the article dedicated to land pigs, I explained to you how useful these creatures can be and why it is better not to eliminate them. THEearth pigsthey fatten the soil(they enrich it with humus) and are able to protect plants from scale insects and other parasites. For these reasons, I recommend that you keep theearth pigsin the jaror in the garden. If you really want to eliminate them, at least do it with natural remedies.

The land pigs are also known as Saint Anthony's pigs and with these common names the species Armadillidium vulgare is identified.

Earth pigs, how to eliminate them

The land pigs do not come out of the ground unless forced. They live under the surface layers of the soil and come out only in case of asphyxiation or dehydration. They need very moist soil, so they find their ideal habitat in pots or irrigated crops.

If you wanteliminate the little pigs of Saint Anthony (scientific nameArmadillidium vulgare) you can use strategies to flush them out and eliminate them mechanically.

Eliminate the vase armadillidium vulgare

You can repot by replacing the soil of the plant thus eliminating the soil "infested" byarmadillidium vulgare. Remember that repotting should be done in spring or at most in autumn.

If it is not yet the repotting period, you can eliminate the Saint Anthony pigs by asphyxiation. How? Administer a lot of water to the potted plant, for safety, place an old rag soaked in water on the pot to keep the environment very humid.

Seal the jar in a plastic bag (avoid black or dark bags) and seal it with tape. This way, you will flush out theearth pigswho will be forced to surface but will remain trapped in the envelope. Leave the bag for at least 24 hours. The plant will survive but the land pigs will be forced out of the ground.

When you open the envelope you will need to act carefully. The land pigs will be on the surface of the ground and you can kill them mechanically by removing them one by one. The little earth pigs, when they feel in danger, fold up to form a sphere, be careful not to be fooled! When they close in on themselves, they look like pebbles. Look carefully at the ground and move the surface to remove as many as possible.

This process must be repeated at least two or three times (after a few days) to eliminate alllittle pigs of Saint Anthony.

In the photos, you will notice some small earth pigs come out after asphyxiation induced with a plastic bag. The root system is that of an ash bonsai.

To prevent theearth pigscaninfestagain your vases on the balcony, try to always keep them clean. THEearth pigsthey behave like real peoplescavengers, therefore they feed on decaying leaves, various debris and any organic matter ... if you clean the vessels frequently, you will steal nourishment fromisopods.

How to eliminate land pigs in the vegetable garden

In the garden, the land is more difficult to manage. To eliminate isopods without using pesticides, you can use a technique known assunburnbut the ground should be at rest.

In practice, you will have to cover the plot of land with a black plastic sheet. You will induce dehydration of the soil and make the soil inhospitable for allisopodsand you will even perform a natural weeding. This technique can only be implemented in the hottest months of the year. The sun, by overheating the soil, will also deactivate the plant propagation materials of the weeds.

How to keep the little pigs away

If for various reasons none of the solutions are right for you, you can use godsnatural remediesmoreinvasive. The use of pesticides, as stated, is not recommended, especially if the soil is under cultivation. Pesticides can damage plant roots as well as harm the environment and human health.

You can, however, use a natural insecticide, pyrethrum, which you will need to administer when the sun goes down. Pirerto is a natural insecticide and for this reason it dissipates within a few days and is photosensitive (which alone makes it ineffective). This is why you will need to administer it in the evening.

be careful! THE earth pigs they are very resistant, so the pyrethrum will have to be administered in good quantities and for several days in a row.

How is pyrethrum used? You can buy the ready-to-use spray or concentrated spray form (cheaper). Generally, it is necessary to dilute 14-25 ml of product in 10 liters of water in order to have a greater yield and more convenience in large-scale treatments and especially in the case of repeated treatments such as those required byearth pigs.

The price is 16.81 euros with shipping costs included and, again, for all the information, I refer you to the product sheet:Bayer Pyrethrum actigreen (Bio), I pointed out a product in concentrated form because at the same price it returns a much higher yield. Although it is a natural product, I still recommend that you avoid its use and eliminate the guinea pigs mechanically with the methods explained above.

Pyrethrum is also effective against:

1. scissors
2. crop bugs and green bed bugs
3. beetles
4. myrides as the vector of the mosaic virus
5. leafhoppers
6. white fly
7. aphids and other plant lice
8. altica
9. common fly
10. mosquitoes

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