Diy dried flower arrangements

Diy dried flower arrangements

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Dried flower compositions, made with our hands, to give as gifts or to use to decorate our home or garden. I'm quite simple to make, it certainly depends on which flowers we use and on the size, on the type we want, but each of us is able to do dried flower arrangements also useful to combine with a letter, a wedding favor.

Diy dried flower arrangements

There are some basic indications to be given immediately to those who want to learn how to make dried flower arrangements with their own hands. The collection of flowers must take place in the summer season and the easiest ones to use are acanthus, daisy, fern, wisteria and the classic rose.

How it happens drying can vary from species to species, for example, if we are using mosses and lavender, you need to place them at a regular distance from each other on a table and wait, roses are better outdoors but away from heat sources.

Waiting about a week, we can tie the flowers upside down and spray them with hairspray. Sprouts can also be used in dried flower arrangements, they must in turn be dried by placing them in the individual holes of an ad hoc metal grid.

Dried flowers compositions in vase

Potted dry flower arrangements they last a long time and are very decorative, also because they can be arranged better and in a certain sense also protected. There are many vases in specialized stores but we can also use a vase of those we already have at home, perhaps decorating it with our own hands. The dried flower arrangements potted can do as a centerpiece or ornament, without vase instead we find dried flowers used to decorate paintings and garlands, frames and stained glass windows.

Dried flower compositions: orchids

They are certainly not the most used flowers, but we can also find orchids in dried flower arrangements. They go crazy roses, daisies and helichryses, or Acrolinium and Helipterum, however, the orchid is always appreciated as are poppies and tulips. Sometimes it is accompanied by herbs and berries, surrounding everything with crepe paper.
Among the types of compositions dried flowers we find the "sapling" one, difficult to achieve with the orchid, better to focus on other simpler structures that host this elegant flower.

Dried flower arrangements for cemetery

Even at the cemetery, often and willingly, there are dried flower arrangements to adorn the tombs, sometimes I flank bouquets of fresh flowers that not everyone has the time to bring to loved ones regularly. We can buy one of these compositions or create it with our own hands by procuring the basic equipment: synthetic sponge, scissors and pliers of various sizes, metal or plastic nets. To all this we must add any decorative elements of your choice such as ribbons, golden threads, fabrics and tulle.

Dried flower compositions to give as gifts

With flowers, colors and style different from that for the cemetery, we can also create dried flower arrangements to give as gifts. Alternatively, dried, pressed flowers can be useful decorations for creating compositions for glass, frames or paintings. A box of dried flowers in a plastic boxinstead, it can be conveniently purchased online for less than 5 euros.

Dried flower compositions: prices

In specialized stores we can buy compositions like those described, at prices ranging from 10 to 50 euros. It depends on the size and type of the flowers, but also on how they have been packaged and decorated.

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